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Y Axis - Tension trouble  

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Y Axis - Tension trouble


I have a problem with my Y-Axis. When I do the belt test the X-Axis is fine, but my Y-Axis no matter in what position gives me trouble.

I lowered the tension in the Y-Axis to the point where it was too loose but then I could start to finish the belt test with 173 to 180. But the belt GT2 shows that it is below the minimum tension.

Things I tried to remove the problem:

Any advise on how I can solve the problem?


Posted : 03/04/2023 3:21 pm
Hisen Berg
RE: Y Axis - Tension trouble

If your printer has had significant use, there is a chance it's bearing wear. I believe most lulzbot printers have plastic bearings that eventually wear out and start to have a bit of play and wobble in them. Make sure your bearings are in decent condition and don't wobble at all.

Posted : 27/04/2023 11:04 pm