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Trying to print the MK2.5S upgrades  

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Trying to print the MK2.5S upgrades

Hello so I am currently trying to print the parts for the 2.5s upgrade on my MK 2s. I am using the gcodes from the website and the included black petg. I have been trying to print it but what happens is the extruder will randomly click till I go push the filament. I have tried swapping the hotend and adjusting the idler tension. I contacted prusa support and they recommended increasing temperature. I tried 250c and that worked for a few hours till it started to do it again. I go out there and try 255c but no success. I really do not understand what is going wrong and would really like to fix it easily as I am almost out of the included spool. Any help is appreciated thanks.

Posted : 21/12/2020 6:39 am
Frans Krau
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RE: Trying to print the MK2.5S upgrades

Just some thoughts:

Idler space should be 13mm (see manual) with filament in the extruder. Both screws.

Can the filament move (unroll) freely? (no stress?)

Did you use other filament before the use of PETG that requires a higher temp then 240-250, if so clean the inside of the hotend.

The temperature in the prusa pre sliced gcode for the rambo part is 230. But the standard temperature for prusament PETG is 240 first layers and then 250.

Could it be a broken wire, so that the hotend stops heating? When the extruder starts clicking, is there a temperature drop on the lcd screen?

How did you change the temp to 250-255. Did you use the original stl file and sliced it with the prusament settings? If you usesd the pre sliced gcode and tuned the hotend temperature to 250 manualy on the lcd, then it could be that it will reset?

part 1 and part 2 of the pre sliced gcode is done with slicer version 2.2.0. Rambo pre sliced gcode is done with slicer 1.39.1 beta 🙁  That could also be the origin of your problem.

Maybe you should slice each stl file apart with the latest prusa slicer version and print them one by one.

Let us know what your progress is.




Frans Krau
Europe, Holland, Apeldoorn

Posted : 23/12/2020 9:50 pm