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Options for upgrading old MK2  

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Options for upgrading old MK2

I upgraded my original i3 to MK2 using the Prusa kit years ago.  The printer has served me well, but mesh leveling seems to get worse every print, and I'd like to do what I can to bring it up to par with the MK3 if possible.  Specifically, I'd like to upgrade to an extruded frame, and perhaps get the spring steel print bed to easily remove prints from the board.  I don't see any prepackaged kits from Prusa for upgrading from the MK2 (not the mk2s).  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Should I be considering third party upgrades like the bear frame?

Posted : 05/01/2021 6:34 pm
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RE: Options for upgrading old MK2

They just discontinued the upgrades, 12/31/20.  I was hoping to get one as well, but after reading online that they were only $200 less than a new machine I started questioning it.   If that was the case, cannot see the pricing anymore on Prusa, I would rather have a new machine and a old model that needs a few old parts to work well.

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Posted : 13/01/2021 5:42 am