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MK2S/MMU1 upgrade paths  

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MK2S/MMU1 upgrade paths

I own a MK2S with MMU1 installed.  It works great, except it looks like I have a problem somewhere in the heat bed and the temperature reading is fluctuating.  Bed position does seem to be a factor, where the wiring is moving and certain locations seem to cause it to cut in and out; I can definitely move the wire bundle and cause the LED to light up.

It would appear that my time to by a replacement bed is coming up fast, as it looks like the Mk42 heat bed will be discontinued at the end of this month.  This brings me to a quandry: do I go ahead and upgrade my machine?  This opens up a whole new set of questions.

1) Cost-wise, replacing the heat bed is the easiest.

2) Upgrading to the MK2.5S also replaced the heat bed, plus a few extra goodies like the removable plate.  However, I can't seem to figure out if the MMU1 is compatible with the MK2.5/S (or the MK3 for that matter, if I were to go further).

So, my ultimate question is: How should I proceed?  If upgrading to the MK2.5S means I also have to upgrade my MMU, then it's probably more cost effective to stick with replacing the heatbed as it is currently.  Any thoughts?

Posted : 06/12/2020 6:42 am