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Need Help getting setup.  

Kyle Gentz
New Member
Need Help getting setup.

Forgive me, I'm very new at 3D Printing.

My buddy gave me his old ORGINAL PRUSA i3 MK2S for my sons birthday in April, I want to start doing printing with him because he is very interested in it. He put a PEI sheet on the bed, I watched some first time setup videos and they do not have that on the print bed, looks like you just print right onto the heat bed directly. Well its attached pretty good on there. I asked my buddy he said "oh just heat up the bed to 60c and peel it off". I cant find that option in the menu. I wanted to go through all the steps in the video that Josef Prusa posted "Original Prusa i3 MK2 Guide for a new user" back in 2016 but with the bed covered I cant tell if its calibrated properly. My PLA comes in the mail tomorrow, so wanted to go though all the checks and what not a prep it before that comes in. I'd like to have this thing figured out before I give it my son in April.

Very excited to get this working to get into 3D Printing.

Here is some info on the printer incase its important.

Firmware - 3.1.0 

XYZ cal Details - Y distance from min: Left: 1.36mm Center: 1.58mm Right: 1.80mm

Measured Skew: 0.10 - Slight Skew: 0.12 - Severe Skew: 0.25

Stats - Total Filament - 7km 14.06m Total Print Time - 174d : 20H : 17m


Posted : 17/03/2021 7:05 pm