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MK2.5S with MMU2S Extruder Body Compatibility  

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MK2.5S with MMU2S Extruder Body Compatibility

Good afternoon All,

I have a Prusa Mk2.5S with MMU2S (which I love and have upgraded all the way from an old MK2).

Yesterday, I had an unfortunate incident that resulted in a collision and breaking of the PINDA probe mount on the extruder body. With the PINDA mount busted, my printer is out of commission and I can't print a replacement. So, I looked into buying a replacement extruder body from Prusa. They are selling the MK3S+ R6 version of the extruder body. My MK2.5S with MMU2S upgrade parts included the R5 extruder body. Is there any reason why the R6 body wouldn't work with my 2.5S or are there features to the R6 part specific to the MK3S+ that would make it incompatible with my 2.5S?

Posted : 29/04/2021 9:43 pm