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FIRMWARE CRASH!: Crash Reason: Watchdog timeout  

Urban Mongral
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FIRMWARE CRASH!: Crash Reason: Watchdog timeout

Printer Prusa MK2.5 S with MMU2S

Printer Firmware: 3.12.2

MMU2S Firmware: Firmware 3.12.2 (1.0.6)

Raspberry PI Running Octoprint Version 1.8.7

My printer keeps showing the error message "FIRMWARE CRASH!: Crash Reason: Watchdog timeout" even after power cycling the printer and disconnecting the MMU2S and/or the Raspberry PI.

If I flash the printer back to an earlier firmware (specifically version 3.9.3) the printer will boot normally - but for some reason it then fails XYZ Calibration. I flashed it back to Firmware 3.12.2 and the error came back.

The error came up initially after I cleared a "failed to load error" in the MMU2S

I understand there was a similar problem with an earlier firmware - 3.10.1


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Posted : 16/04/2023 5:58 pm
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RE: FIRMWARE CRASH!: Crash Reason: Watchdog timeout

Doing a factory reset  All Data  and then flashing 3.12  worked for me.

Make sure to write down any settings that you have changed from default so you can restore the settings.



Posted : 16/04/2023 7:21 pm
RE: FIRMWARE CRASH!: Crash Reason: Watchdog timeout

I did the firmware upgrade today and immediately started having the watchdog crashes.  I did a factory reset and it made it until the first mmu failure where it did a watchdog timeout again and failed the print unlike previous firmwares where it would just have me fix the mmu. 

Posted : 09/07/2023 7:31 am