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Recently purchased used MK2.5s with a MMU  

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Recently purchased used MK2.5s with a MMU

I was told the unit had a super pinda but I'm not so sure cause the tip is white also I cannot get past a layer test. how Can I verify what I have or did I just buy a crappy printer


Posted : 10/01/2022 1:12 am
Chicago Keri
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Prusa used 3 kinds of Pinda probes, Pinda, Pinda 2 and SuperPinda.  A Mk2.5s "should" have a Pinda2 or a SuperPinda. My SuperPinda has a black tip, but a better way to tell is to look at the connector.

A Pinda1 has a 3-wire connector with 3 wires in it and plugs directly into the MiniRambo control board..

A Pinda2 has a 4-wire connector with 4 wires in it. On a Mk2.5s, this plugs into a "Y" adaptor cable, not directly into the MiniRambo control board.

A SuperPinda has a 4-wire connector with only 3 wires in it.  On a Mk 2.5s, this plugs into the same  "Y" cable that the Pinda2 used.  A Mk2.5s has no way of telling which sensor is plugged in, so the latest firmware versions has an option to Enable SuperPinda.  If there is only a Pinda2 installed, this must be set to "off"

A crappy printer? Not really! A Mk2.5s can print almost as well as the Mk3s+.   I found that the weak points relate to the fact that 12v bed and hotend heaters use double the current of the later 24v systems, which can lead to melted connectors after several years.  It is best to check the setscrews on the larger power connectors for tightness  from time to time.

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Posted : 10/01/2022 5:24 am
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RE: Recently purchased used MK2.5s with a MMU

A Mk2.5s "should" have a Pinda2 or a SuperPinda unless it was an upgrade from a Mk2.  My Mk2.5s is just that so it has a Pinda.  I've owned my machine for over 5 years and I get reliable first layer results with my Pinda.  If you're not perhaps the part has failed and needs to be replaced, any Mk2.5s is going to be an old machine in 3d printer years and could just need a little care and attention.

As long as it's a genuine Prusa and not some clone, I'd think you have a really good platform to work with.  I don't know what you paid for it, but if you can put a few repairs into it and remain below $750 I'd think you did well.



Prusa I3 Mk2 kit upgraded to Mk2.5s, Ender3 with many mods, Prusa Mini kit

Posted : 26/01/2022 2:36 pm