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Mk2.5S EXTR fan error + constant filament clogging  

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Mk2.5S EXTR fan error + constant filament clogging

Hi there,

I am having an extremely annoying extruder fan error on almost every print. I have cleared the fan of all visible debris and blasted with compressed air multiple times, no joy.

Issue is present on multiple brands of filament, one of them being Prusa. All tested at different temperature ranges. Extruder gears are properly tightened.

My feeling is that fan is internally clogged by filament "cobwebs" and is on the border of what the controller sees as a nominal RPM. Low RPM not giving enough cooling to the hot end heat sink and therefore clogs... Most of the fan errors occur while the filament is extruding as it should, sometimes the nozzle has clogged but is still trying to print.

Upgraded from Mk2S to Mk2.5s 3 months ago, issue started occurring about a week ago. Seems to be getting worse...

Please help!


Posted : 11/04/2020 8:53 pm