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3.11.1-RC1 Firmware for MK2.5 and MK2.5S  

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3.11.1-RC1 Firmware for MK2.5 and MK2.5S
Hello all, 
We are happy to announce a new release candidate for 3.11.1 firmware for our MK3 series of printers;

(A release candidate is a pre beta release, which means this is normally for our moderate to advanced users as it is set to test out new features and gather feedback from those users to help us better fine tune and improve on the update.)


  • Automatic ADC pull-up reset
  • Norwegian language (community translation)
  • URL updated to
  • Feedback from the Prusa community

This is the first release candidate of firmware 3.11.1 with an extra safety feature, minor weblink change and additional language translated by the community.

Automatic ADC pull-up reset

This firmware release includes an extra safety feature intended to prevent pull-ups to be set unintentionally on any of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) pins. The ADC pull-ups are now periodically reset to prevent false reads. Everything happens automatically in the background, there is no need for user intervention.

Norwegian language (community translation)

The list of languages translated by the active Prusa community members grows longer with the addition of Norwegian 🇳🇴. We would like to thank members @pkg2000 and @trondkla who contributed their translations to this firmware release.

You can also contribute and expand the translation team. Read the article about translations at our Help site to learn how to join.

URL updated to

In this release, the developers have replaced the link to the site “,” which was displayed in the printer's Support menu, with a new link pointing to “” Here you can find articles explaining how to set up the printer, describing firmware features, troubleshooting, maintenance and many more.

Feedback from the Prusa community

We greatly appreciate the feedback and help from the Prusa community we get with each firmware release. You can  discuss new features and bugfixes, and share your thoughts.

Please report any bug here:

Download Link:

How to flash the firmware:


Shane (AKA FromPrusa)

Posted : 15/06/2022 8:55 am