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Skip on filament change with MK2.5 and MMU2  

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Skip on filament change with MK2.5 and MMU2

Hi all,

I have a Prusa MK2.5 with MMU2. I have been dealing with a recurring issue that I have learned to live with, but now that my children are starting to use the printer, I would like to resolve it.

Almost every time on filament change (either at the start of a new print or when using the MMU), the extruder starts to skip. To resolve this, I pause the print, open the extruder wheel compartment, perform a cold pulldown at around 80 degrees, reheat the hotend, manually push the filament until it flows through the nozzle, close the wheel compartment, and then resume the print.

Could you please help me understand and address this problem ?

Posted : 08/06/2023 8:23 am