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Feeling really let down by tech support  

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So my experience with Prusa was simply great. However I think there are different expectations here.


Some expect a working unit that has no issues or issues get fixed by support (or at least guided by them). Totally fair to expect that and standard with other machines that do not have an open design. This I think where Prusa currently has problem.

Personally I see Prusa more of a Provider of a Design, some Info, software and parts. I have a Problem and I fix it with Information provided by Prusa and the community on the internet. I can do that because of the open design. Here the support simply works great - they quickly send me spare parts and even without charge if they feel it was only partly my problem. Same with operating systems I rather fix my Linux problems my self with the community. For me it is more enjoyable than Windows.

Of course the latter does not work for everyone and I 100% understand, but I just don`t mind it my self.. I like it. Would you guys agree with my Observation?

Posted : 29/02/2024 3:08 pm
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RE: Feeling really let down by tech support

Sounds legit, IMHO.

There's also a secondary effect. When I go into a support chat fully accepting that the poor slob working on the other side of the line isn't the person who caused the failure, we'll start working on the issue together. But if I enter the chat in an angry mood and dumping that mood on the support person, the entire exchange will neither be pleasant nor helpful. I do NOT accuse any of the previous posters of being pricks when dealing with support - but one can't know if the previous person that support person had to deal with was one... Always assume that the other person is underpaid, stressed, tired and potentially pissed off by the last customer.

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Posted : 29/02/2024 3:12 pm
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