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Cycloidal gearbox and Vibrations?  

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Cycloidal gearbox and Vibrations?

So... You do need something like cycloidal when you increase the gear size so much.  It's one of the few ways to keep high torque gear ratios in a tight space (It must be 18 or 20 or 22:1... something like that). 

My question is, those gears suffer from vibration issues.  Has anyone heard mention of Prusa having solve this problem using a method other than "Print Slow" ? Any insight into this?  Any of your own experiences in other applications that you could see resolve this? 

Thanks for any insight!


Posted : 19/05/2022 3:24 am
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RE: Cycloidal gearbox and Vibrations?

Wouldn’t the higher ratio lead to LESS vibration?  The motor is turning less revs which should lead to at least lower frequency and less chance of harmonics?

Or are you saying because of the inherent ‘slop’(?) in the system, it will vibrate more?  The videos showing it moving I think are greatly exaggerating the movement that would actually take place at extrusion speeds?  

Posted : 21/05/2022 12:46 am