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A Formal Request to the Prusa XL Software Team  

Ken Hammond
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A Formal Request to the Prusa XL Software Team

I have a 2-head Prusa XL, and I've been generally very happy with the printer.  However, I recently was performing a 2-day print, when the filament roll ran out in the middle of the night.  When I checked on the printer the next morning, it had correctly detected the filament runout and ejected the scrap.  But since several hours had gone by, the heater had timed out, and the filament had cooled in the feed tube.  I attempted to remove it, but it broke off flush with the top of the printhead, and I could not move it neither up or down.  The filament sensor detected that the filament was still in the tube, and it displayed a message indicating that it needed to be removed, giving me no option to do anything about it short of shutting off the machine.  When I restarted it, I was easily able to overheat the extruder and push the broken scrap through.  But to do that simple task, I had to dump a perfect 24-hour print that could easily have been saved.

I'd like to request that we be given more options for clearing the filament in such a scenario without aborting an otherwise perfectly good print.

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Posted : 15/01/2024 11:48 pm
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This is a user - user forum, the dev's rarely visit.

To make a feature proposal visit Prusa's github where it will be considered.


Posted : 16/01/2024 3:12 am
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