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What Does Older Machines Include?  

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What Does Older Machines Include?

What is this forum topic for and what is considered "Older Machines"? The reason I ask is because a coworker's son received a Prusa REPRAP I3 3D printer as part of a course he's taking in school.
They are trying to learn more so I suggested that they look at this site mainly for general content to compare their issues. Now that they've added this tread is this where they can post questions?

Posted : 10/04/2018 3:53 pm
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Re: What Does Older Machines Include?

This is maybe the answer :


Posted : 10/04/2018 4:11 pm
Jakub Dolezal
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Re: What Does Older Machines Include?

Hi David,
this section is dedicated to the printers developed by Josef Prusa prior to the Original Prusa i3 MK2. Have a look on the Wiki page posted by Thomas to see, which of the printer your coworker's son has or post the picture of it here 😉

Assembly manuals

/ Knowledge Base
The guy behind Prusa assembly manuals...

Posted : 11/04/2018 1:23 pm
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Re: What Does Older Machines Include?

I had a prusa mk1. 1.75mm filament. 5mm standard threaded bar for z axis. Red pcb heat bed and glass surface for heat bed. Direct drive extruder

Before this was the mk0. 3mm filament with geared extruder

Regards Joan

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Posted : 11/04/2018 3:40 pm
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Re: What Does Older Machines Include?

Yes, it looks to be a REPRAP "clone" maybe? There are several similar printers on Amazon. I just thought since it said PRUSA it was something from the beggining.
These are opensource so I guess they are just using the name.

Posted : 12/04/2018 3:39 am
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RE: What Does Older Machines Include?


My Name is Noel Vaughn.  I joined in hopes of trying to learn how to use a 3d printer.  I think I have what you are considering an older machine.  I have a Prusa I3? maybe don't know.  I has the fine Z axis threaded rods you spoke of.  It has an Audrino mega 25?? board on it.  I have downloaded Audrino 1.8.33 and am asking what do I do now.  I am not sure as to hook it up with the power on or what.  I have read at ReRap 1.4 but it doesn't tell me what to do.

Can you please guide me to where I need to go.

Thank You


Posted : 19/04/2020 8:56 pm
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That sounds like a clone (not a genuine Prusa printer).  You will need to look on places like reddit for help as this forum is for users of Original Prusa Research printers and software.  Try asking here: or here:

Posted : 23/06/2023 10:54 am