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CTC Prusa i3 Clone YOUTUBE video  

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CTC Prusa i3 Clone YOUTUBE video

Hi All

Please find attached a 1 minute and 30 second video of the 3D printer in action and where it goes wrong!

This machine is in the corner at work  where the original owner left the company to retire.

I intend to restore and it in good condition.

Many thanks


Posted : 24/04/2022 5:10 pm
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RE: CTC Prusa i3 Clone YOUTUBE video

Hi Lynton.
First of all, are you aware that this printer ins a clone of a Prusa Printer, very similar to a Mk1 prusa, it is not a Prusa Product... 
the chances are that this printer does not have a Rambo Mini or Einsy Rambo controller, so PLEASE, don't try to load Original Prusa firmware to this printer... it will not work!

Most folk on here will not have worked with a printer of this era... 

the extruder is probably a Mk8 extruder that usually uses shorter nozzles than the original prusa series pleaes bear this in mind if you get the printer working. 

We don't know what state the printer is in, and what state the gcode is in. 

Ordinarily the printer should heat the Hot end and the bed, which your printer seems to be doing, 
then the printer should 'Home All Axis' 
so that the printer knows where the nozzle is on the build space.
Your printer does not seem to be doing that... 
the printer then seems to move the build plate forward as if it is going to start the print... 

BUT... since the printer has not 'Homed All Axis' which should move the nozzle to the front left hand corner of the build plate (that is, the build plate should move back until it touches the  'Y' Axis limit switch, and the extruder body should move to the left until it touches the 'X axis' limit switch, and the extruder should lower until the nozzle is stopped from hitting the build plate, by the 'Z' Axis limit switch), In your case, the printer is erroneously starting with the build plate well forward, this means that when the printer tries to find the print start position, the Y axis crashes into the front of the printer... 

This may be as simple as the 'Home All' instruction being missing from the Gcode that you are trying to run... 

so. My initial suggestion... 

Look through the LCD Menu, for a 'Preheat' option, and if you find it, select preheat for 'PLA'
then look through the LCD Menu, for 'Home All Axis' and activate that option. 

then if that successfully relocates the nozzle to the front left hand corner of the build plate, try selecting the G code file off the SD card again, and see if you have more success...

Could you copy the gcode (that you are trying to use) off the SD Card,  zip compress the gcode into a zip file, then use the attach file option at t he bottom left of the text input screen, to attach the file, for us to look at.  

regards Joan

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Posted : 24/04/2022 7:30 pm