Prusa Connect & PrusaLink updates and releases
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[Closed] Prusa Connect & PrusaLink updates and releases  

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Prusa Connect & PrusaLink updates and releases

This thread contains the latest releases of the PrusaLink system and Prusa Connect updates along with changelogs.

Please, check back regularly to get the latest updates. It’s a good practice to run the latest version of our software because every release brings important changes, updates, fixes and features.

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Posted : 05/08/2021 1:43 pm
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Jan Olejnik
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Topic starter answered:
PrusaLink 0.5.2

PrusaLink 0.5.2 DOWNLOAD HERE


  • Wizard LCD message fixed

Changelog: 0.5.1 

  • Implementation of 'print after upload' endpoint 
  • Minimal suported firmware is 3.10.0
  • Sort files directory first, newest first
  • Faster checking and processing when uploading a G-Code
  • Static web update
  • G-Code upload fixes
    • File browser is available when the 3D printer prints
    • Files are sorted by the printer's API
    • Printed file widget reworked
    • Fixed progress bar behaviour when printing is finished
    • Fixed error handling for periodic requests
    • Page heading is sticky now
    • Telemetry sidebar is sticky now
    • Added frontend version to the Settings page
    • Fixed 'undefined' error pop-up heading in some cases
    • Log viewer
    • Login and password can be changed in the Settings
    • All properties of unavailable projects are hidden
    • Toaster messages are now stickied to the bottom of the window
    • Printing time estimations mismatches fixed
    • Printer name and location can be changed in the Settings
    • Files with size above 100MB won't be loaded into the text area
  • System now reacts to thermal runaway by going into the error state
  • Daemon-type WSGI threads used
  • Removed temporary G-Code copy for printing
  • New M20 attributes and their order now supported
  • Fix progress equal to -1 not being supported
  • Upload from local web fixed
  • SEND_INFO hostname fixed
  • SD Card file selection fixed
  • Log HTTP requests and errors over Python Logger
  • Improved FW error message support
  • Work around for print head returning to the print after Stop print 
  • Added endpoint for downloading file from url
  • Password in plain text form is not stored in memory
  • Added endpoint for gettting info about the file currently being downloaded
  • Added endpoint for aborting current download process
  • Require user attention after each print, even failed ones (if enabled)
  • Added checked and finished flags to api/printer
  • Added states structure to api/connection endpoint
  • Added Connect configuration info to api/connection endpoint
  • Added with api/connection GET, POST endpoints
  • Added api/settings GET endpoint
  • Added m_timestamp to SDCard files properties
  • Added api/settings POST endpoint, fix name
  • Fixed /api/printer flags
  • Implementation of gcode download endpoint
  • Added api/logs endpoint 
  • Added api/logs/<log_file> endpoint
  • Added wizard/serial endpoints and page for setup of the S/N of the printer
  • Updated metadata for selected file
  • Require two "Not SD printing" to work around a SD printing bug
  • Added username and password change functionality to api/settings POST, fixed ChangeLog
  • SD Card metadata read fixed
  • System goes into the ERROR state when the printer stops responding for aprox. one minute
  • Added endpoint for api-key regeneration
  • Added api/settings/sn endpoint for setting up S/N of the printer
  • Wizard is locked after a successful configuration
  • Endpoint for control of printhead movement added

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Posted : 05/08/2021 2:17 pm
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Hi guys,

PrusaLink 0.6.0 has been released. Find please below the changelogs.

The new prusa-link-0.6.0.img.gz is available here

PrusaLink changelog:

  • Added endpoint for control of extruder
  • Added endpoint for heatbed temperature control
  • Static web update
    • Add debug outputs to investigate project picture collision
    • Removed unnecessary colon after hostname in Dashboard
    • Switched from to data.printer for settings end point
    • Add advanced upload widget
    • Printer Control Page
    • Add target temperatures to the left sidebar
    • Add possibility to send control values by Enter key press
    • Add serial number setting
    • Prevent api polling when previous requests were not handled
    • Prevent error messages flood in case of a connection problem
    • Optimize application loop
    • Add serial, CONNECT and communication state to the left side bar
  •  Added size and date attributes to api/logs GET endpoint
  •  Removed m_time file attribute
  •  Added restriction for forbidden characters in uploaded file name
  •  Added download and basic upload info to linkinfo page
  •  Added and implemented JSON file with HW limits
  •  Added api/printer/printhead GET endpoint
  •  Changed variable firmware_version to firmware
  •  Added LOAD/UNLOAD filament commands
  •  Added disable_steppers command to api/printer/printhead
  •  Implementation of farm_mode into api/settings endpoints
  •  New Upload errors
    • check ContentLength header
    • check if file is uploaded complete
    • check storage free space first
    • errors refactoring
    • simple html errors
  •  Changed args to kwargs for high level commands
  •  HTTP Request handling improvement
  • Oown Serial class implementation (speed improvement)
  • Changed args to kwargs for execute_gcode command
  • Log thread stack on interesting events
  • Move job_id into the EEPROM
  • Make STOP_PRINT wait for any of the READY, STOPPED or FINISHED states
  • Implementation of new Transfer object from SDK
  • Make a centralised wizard activation condition
  • Download finished callback implementation

Connect changelog:

  • Command validation
    • additional arguments names, types and documentation
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • Cache headers for some endpoints
  • File manager refactor
    • UI
    • file/directory commands
    • communication with printer improvements
  • Teams
    • user can be in more teams with specific rights
  • User commands
  • Printer groups
    • virtual, physical, farm
    • filter by group
    • some views respect position in physical groups
  • Fix prusa_printer_settings.init file name
  • Printer List
    • filters by teams, groups, states
    • order by names, states, etc..
  • Add `BEEP` command.
  • Responsive design
  • New graph library is used
  • Speed improvements
  • Printer tab rework
    • Jobs (and job detail)
    • Control
    • Settings
  • Profile detail and link to PrusaAuth
  • New UI components

New Link required

  • Add printer state `PREPARED`
  •  File Transfer User > Connect > Printer
    • transfer info progress
  • Printer queue
    • auto print when printer is in PREPARED state (SET_PRINTER_PREPARED) command
    • queue manipulation
    • filtered by team
    • queue job conditions
  •  Filament spool settings
    • new `LOAD_FILAMENT` and `UNLOAD_FILAMENT` commands
    •  load/unload filament
    • automatic filament decreasing
    • filament catalog


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Posted : 19/12/2021 3:10 pm
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RE: Prusa Connect & PrusaLink updates and releases

is it possible to upgrade to a newer release? or do i need to write the sd card everytime an update appears and reconnect the printer to the cloud?

Posted : 19/12/2021 7:15 pm
RE: Prusa Connect & PrusaLink updates and releases


we plan make some easier way to updating without writing new image, but at this moment it is not possible. It will be after published source code.

And new 0.6.0 release is based on new Rasbian release, which is recommended to update by writing new image, instead of using standard apt commands.

Posted : 21/12/2021 11:00 am
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Jan Olejnik
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Topic starter answered:
RE: Prusa Connect & PrusaLink updates and releases

A small hotfix for PrusaLink has been released - version 0.6.1. You can grab it from here.


  • Fixed communication with printers
  • Fixed command receiving (working G-Code previews)
  • Fixed version number, shows correctly as 0.6.1, does not break any allowed functionality in Connect (print queue, filament, projects and more)

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Posted : 18/03/2022 4:17 pm
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Topic starter answered:

PrusaLink 0.7.0-RC1 is here!

The PrusaLink website has been refactored and contains a number of changes and improvements - see the full changelog. ​

The READY state, which allows automatic printing from the Connect print queue, can now be set from the printer menu. It is necessary to create a “PrusaLink menu” folder on the SD card - in this folder, a G-Code file is then automatically created. By running it, the printer is set to the READY state.

PrusaLink uses a new API ( ) which adds new endpoints for retrieving printer and storage information and implements a newly preferred method of uploading files using the PUT method that offers, among other things, faster upload speeds. ​ The LCD screen now displays information about an available Wizard, error notifications, as well as progress and direction of file uploads (Sync|->: indicates transfers from the printer and Sync->|: transfer to the printer) ​



In the configuration wizard, you can upload prusa_printer_settings.ini file containing a saved PrusaLink configuration. During the configuration process, it is possible to skip the registration and continue to Connect directly. Then, you can finish the registration in the Settings screen on the PrusaLink website. You can also delete the registration from here. ​ When the setup wizard is run, PrusaLink detects the available ports and displays information about their status and whether a connected printer has been detected on any of them. On successful detection, it switches to the welcome page.

​Also, experimental support for MK2.5/S printers has been added. Unlike the MK3 series printers, the MK2.5/S does not have an EINSY port and PrusaLink can only be connected via USB. ​

The API key is disabled by default and the preferred authentication method is HTTP digest, i.e. using a username and password. The username and password must meet the minimum requirements. The name must be at least three characters long.

​ The password must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Minimum length 8 characters, 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter, and 1 number.
  • Minimum length 8 characters, 1 special character (e.g. @)
  • Minimum length 15 characters

PrusaLink now uses adaptive telemetry and only sends important changes, saving bandwidth and putting less strain on the connection to Connect. ​

PrusaLink supports DNS discovery service, making it discoverable on the network. This allows PrusaSlicer to locate available PrusaLink enabled printers. ​

The configuration file prusa_printer_settings.ini can now (like the wpa_supplicant.conf file) be inserted into the BOOT partition of the microSD card and PrusaLink will detect it correctly there. ​

ChangeLog ​

  • Work around a bug: printer in serial print mode while the wizard is shown
  • READY state changed to IDLE, PREPARED state changed to READY
  • New status display
    • notifies about setup wizard,
    • shows upload progress
    • shows the name of a file being printed
    • notifies about errors
    • shows an idle screen with the IP address after 30min
    • add idle screen and show transfers during print pauses
  • Name and location of printer value validation
  • Fix negative timeout being possible in serial read
  • Additional Connect (un)registration support
  • File and Directory name validation refactoring
  • Fixed transfer and print in ATTENTION error
  • New Connect API support
  • Fix PrusaLink IP not getting reset from the printer on shutdown
  • Fix the serial_number step in the wizard
  • Fix Unicode characters in file names breaking lcd printer
  • Make RESET_PRINTER clear the command queue and have a priority that way
  • Made the app stop itself faster
  • Use M400 instead of G4 for printer queue syncing
  • Reworked validation of correct S/N write
  • Modified username length and password length and format validation
  • Use "Sync|->:" and "Sync->|:" to signify which way is the current transfer going
  • Add DNS service discovery compatible with PrusaSlicer
  • Support file upload cancels from PrusaSlicer
  • Static web update:
    • Fix bug log files displaying
    • Decrease display log file size limit to 1M
    • Change temperature controls widget number format to display integers
    • Add stop/resume print button
    • Add protection from steppers disabling when printing
    • Fix sidebar width
    • Replace PNG icons with SVG
    • Fix router, telemetry graph dimensions and page layout
    • Update error handling to avoid duplicates of popups
    • Add support for file extensions provided by printer profiles from API
    • Fix display names of origins
    • New application design
    • New field to rename project file uploaded by URL
    • New widget displaying used/free size (not-connected to the printer yet)
    • New Rename and Copy actions (hidden)
    • New tool to unify icons colors
    • Updated free space logic
    • Fixed storage tabs behavior
    • Avoid unnecessary requests to BE for file metadata
    • Hardcode storages list to printers
    • Removed page `Temperatures`
    • Fix formatting of percentages
    • Project preview is now not dependent on `/api/job` endpoint
    • Confirm dialog after uploaded via drag zone
    • Nozzle diameter
    • Offline mode
    • Connect Like icons
    • Translation fallbacks
  • Differentiate between FW and ID errors in the wizard, update texts
  • Fixed download ref, added total storage space info
  • Added storage space info to api/printer
  • Added function for save file with custom name
  • Add dynamic download throttling when printing
  • Added caching for thumbnail images
  • Send printer info on printer reset / info invalidation event
  • Fixed error handling for PrusaLink Web
  • Reset print stats after a print ends
  • Fix print fail from an unchecked print buffer underflow
  • Report mesh bed leveling data
  • Use the print mode to report the right print stats row to connect
  • Make sure fan errors send reason, improve their behavior a little
  • Fix SD Card module race conditions
  • Make it possible to hide certain loggers from interesting log
  • Filter telemetry, send only what's "significantly" changed
  • Fixed maximum temperature check for nozzle and heatbed
  • Api-Key is implicitly None, can be set in wizard or using endpoint
  • Start PrusaLink even without a connection to the printer
  • Start sending telemetry slowly after a period of inactivity
  • Files can be printed without selecting first, fixed job printTime info in api/job
  • Don't wait for a printer to boot when running through the EINSY pins
  • Added api/v1/info endpoint
  • Add printer statistics tracking
  • Add time to filament change tracking
  • Add sheet settings tracking
  • Return a better reason when a print of a non-existent file is requested
  • Make printer settings reflect the actual printer type
  • Fixed doubled gcode extensions when a custom name is used
  • Added nozzle diameter info to api/v1/info
  • TLS is changed from int to bool
  • Added endpoint for capturing an image from a camera
  • Fixed check for negative temperatures of nozzle and bed
  • Add a special SD menu to set the printer to READY from the LCD
  • Add boot partition config copy script (for RPis)
  • Added endpoint api/v1/storage with storage info
  • Round auto guessed preheat temps to the nearest five
  • Remove any irrelevant telemetry right on state change
  • Added endpoint api/v1//
  • Add automatic serial port scan
  • Use USB S/N if available (fixes MK2.5 SN issues)
  • Added endpoint with a list of available ports
  • Added capabilities flag to api/version
  • Added min extrusion temp to api/v1/info endpoint, fixed value
  • Added optional ro parameter to api/files and api/v1/{storage}/{path} endpoints
  • Added link_state parameter to api/printer endpoint
  • Fixed item updater allowing invalidation of a disabled item
  • Fixed upload PUT Print-After-Upload if already printing error
  • Added api/v1// delete endpoint
  • Fixed a semicolon in a filename being printed breaking everything
  • Fixed a broken RESET_PRINTER for RasPis connected through USB
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