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Access to PrusaLink/Connect forum  

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Access to PrusaLink/Connect forum

I read posts on the Prusa forums through an RSS reader, specifically Feedly but I don't think the specific app is relevant. 

I just realized I hadn't seen anything new from the three PrusaLink and PrusaConnect forums in a while but when I looked at the website directly, there were quite a few new posts. Feedly Support looked into it for me and noticed that the PrusaLink and PrusaConnect forums redirect to a login page, whereas all the other Prusa forums don't. For any other Prusa forum I (or rather, my RSS reader) can read posts without being logged in. I guess the fact that PrusaLink and PrusaConnect forums require login is a vestige of them being closed to the general public in the past. 

I'm wondering if someone on the Prusa web team or forum software administrator can reconfigure those three forums to be readable without a login.


Posted : 28/03/2023 9:45 pm