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Quality rather than speed  

Ian Harris
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Quality rather than speed

Personally, whilst shorter print times will be welcome, I'm more interested in how input shaping would increase print quality.



Posted : 27/05/2023 8:12 pm
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RE: Quality rather than speed

I fully agree, same priorities.

Nothing values more than quality of printing to me, speed is only a nice to have.

Posted : 28/05/2023 8:25 am
Josef Průša
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RE: Quality rather than speed

We are going to raise the speed of standard setting by roughly 20% with better final quality plus add some new faster draft settings. I am on the same boat as you guys. Have a great weekend!

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Posted : 28/05/2023 10:33 am
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RE: Quality rather than speed

I printed a Voron Cube in 26 minutes compared the 44 minutes it took with the standard version (0,25mm layer, 10% cubic infill). Overall quality is significantly worse, because at least for my printer pressure advance is too aggressive. The ringing is almost completey gone. I think once you can adjust pressure advance in the slicer this will decrease printing time a lot while at least keeping the same quality. 


Posted : 28/05/2023 11:27 am
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RE: Quality rather than speed

@josep-prusa like the aim of 20%faster with similar quality for sure!  Even though I have a couple other fast printers, I'm more eager to have some dialled in faster draft settings for MK4 quick prototypes.  (Probably because the MK3S+& MK4 are super reliable and I just expect them to work so that just goes without saying.)  I normally keep ONE printer in my office and the others out of earshot.  Previously this was my V0.1 for quick prototypes with the MK3S+ & Vorons elsewhere.  MK4 is such a nice quiet printer for my office and having the ability to whip off a fast print with it is definitely solidifying its place as my office printer.  After playing with the limited input shaper profile/firmware for a few days I'm feeling extra happy about my MK4 purchase and optimistic about how this will pan out.  Thanks for doing cool stuff!

Posted : 30/05/2023 12:36 am
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RE: Quality rather than speed

Today I installed the Input Shaper thing.

( Firmware, Slicer, new Printer configuration )

Printing an item which normally took 2:53h took 57 minutes.


I was not able to change the layer height to 0.15 mm but instead I had to chose the only option: 0.20mm

Why is that?


I love your way of making 3D-printing better - by helping you by the crowd which is ready to give you support.




Posted : 31/05/2023 6:06 pm
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