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Supports PETG Tips and Settings  

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Supports PETG Tips and Settings

Hi all,

Just tried printing the attached object in the printer and had to use supports bc one piece is elevated but had trouble removing the supports fully and will most likely have to sand it down. Any tips or best settings when printing PETG supports? In the end i'll probably just print the whole thing vertically without supports but for future reference, I'd like to try to learn.


Posted : 29/11/2022 6:35 pm
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RE: Supports PETG Tips and Settings

I found that tree supports are the easiest to remove and impact the surface finish the least. Prusa slicer doesn't support tree supports yet. I used them in Cura on my Ender 3 and they were great.

I think there is a work around in Prusa slicer by using the SLA profile

Posted : 05/01/2023 3:28 pm