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Stringing printing a thin column  

Stringing printing a thin column

Hi, I'm trying to print this model, and it failed with 4 different filaments. Other parts print just fine.

It comes out like this 


I'm printing with 0.1mm, 5% infill, everything else is default settings.Here are the 3d printing settings  


What can I do to improve the quality?


Posted : 30/07/2023 5:46 pm
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RE: Stringing printing a thin column

The .3mf file you linked is showing 0.2 mm layer height, 15% infill, so it's not the actual .3mf you used to print, or you didn't save your settings.

However, two things. First, are you printing PETG? It may be it's wet, if so.

Second, if you turn on visualization of travel, we see there's a lot of travel across the inside curve of the part. Any stringing will get dragged across the open instead of across a surface. Here's the travel:

However, we can get the slicer to avoid traveling over the open inside curved surface. Go to Print Settings > Layers and perimeters > Quality (slower slicing) and check the box at Avoid crossing perimeters. You can leave the Avoid crossing perimeters - Max detour length to 0. Note that you will need to set PrusaSlicer to the "expert" mode to be able to access this setting. Top right of the main screen, there's buttons for Simple, Advanced, and Expert. Don't worry, this doesn't change anything by default except the number of settings you see, and settings are color-coded so you know which ones belong to which category.

Re-slice and you'll see that there is virtually zero travel over the inside curved surface anymore. This should drastically help with some of what you're seeing. Also note that this re-slice will take significantly longer than it took to slice this without avoiding crossing perimeters, just give it time and it'll finish slicing. (one of the reasons this option is under the Expert settings)

Oh, and there's not going to be much detail to be gained printing this at 0.1 mm layer height. The lower you go, the more stringing can come into play. Try printing at the default 0.2 mm layer height, in addition to the Avoid crossing perimeters option, assuming you have a 0.4 mm nozzle.

Posted : 10/08/2023 12:06 am