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Noticeable lines going up print  

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Noticeable lines going up print

Hey everyone,

Im using the pretty pet-g and Ive noticed these lines going up all my prints. Is this a temp problem? I see it starts at 240 and then lowers to 235. That shouldn't be a problem though I wouldnt think. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance! 🙂

Posted : 19/06/2021 4:39 pm
RE: Noticeable lines going up print

Just some ideas of what to look at:

  1. Unsturdy printing surface
  2. Printing speed too high
  3. Abrupt temperature changes
  4. Overextrusion
  5. Incorrectly calibrated extruder
  6. Mechanical issues
  7. Extruder skipping steps
  8. Worn out nozzle
  9. Bad filament diameter quality

I would work through the list based on the age of the parts of the printer and assess the probability of each.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 20/06/2021 6:53 pm
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