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Issues with ASA and silk PLA  

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Issues with ASA and silk PLA

Hey guys, I received my mini a few weeks ago and have been printing like crazy. Anything with Prusament comes out great... other high quality plastics not so much.

Today I started work on my chess set and picked up some polymaker ASA from microcenter. Reviews on amazon have been great and man were prints from reviews amazing! I was so excited. I followed the instructions from the reviewer and left the settings as prusament ASA. Printed a benchy and was less than excited with the result. I tried the setting on the filament box, which turned out even worse with the pawn I printed. I went back through the amazon reviews and found one user printed with a "draft shield". Same terrible quality print, the shield had SO many holes in it. The machine was popping the entire time. Filament is brand new out of package, printed at 260 with a 100 heat bed. I have had similar results with a silk PLA and these little holes showing up everywhere. What is going on? I'm hoping I can get some recommendations and get working on my ASA vapor smoothed chess set 🙂


Posted : 04/03/2021 1:29 am