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Something is not alligned  

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Something is not alligned

So I've noticed there's quite a big difference between the placement of the print in prusa slicer vs the print bed.

Can anyone tell me how to correct this?

It will become an issue if I need to print something large that comes close to the edges of the bed.

Posted : 20/01/2022 3:44 pm
RE: Something is not alligned

Are you using the correct printer profile?

If you use a Mk3 profile for a mini, the print will be offset to the right and rear of the build plate. 

because the mini has a smaller build plate area. 

regards Joan

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Posted : 20/01/2022 5:09 pm
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When yo take a look at the x axis, your sheet is shifted a bit to the left side (2mm?)

Regarding the y axis this could be a issue of the axis calibration and homing. 

Does your xyz tests work fine?

Plug in the USB stick and run xyz axes test. The outpur of this test is a test___blabla...._xyz.txt file. Inside of the file you will see what yxyz axes length the test discovered.

After the test is finished see your settings->move axes there should be x=176, y=24 

move y to y=0 and you will see, where the nozzle tip will point. If it is too far from the lines edge, thre is something wrong.

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Posted : 20/01/2022 5:27 pm
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RE: Something is not alligned

Seems to be a more or less common issue:

Watch out to not hit one of the print bed alignment screws with the nozzle with this offset!

Posted : 23/01/2022 5:48 pm