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Side Print Ejection using G Code P MINI  

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Side Print Ejection using G Code P MINI

Hey there, Looking to use the tool head to knock a finished print off the side and automate the next print, anybody seen this, done this, or know if it can be done on the mini?

Searched the forums, not sure what to call it, and have seen the Make Anything g code video for “automated printing”

wondering if I can use his technique in Prusa Slicer?


Would love to see this as an Experimental Use at your Own Risk option

Posted : 25/04/2022 1:09 am
John Doe
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RE: Side Print Ejection using G Code P MINI

From my experience, sometimes a model is so "glued" to the plate, that I had problem to release it. Usually I have to take the model with plate out and remove it by bending the plate. This use of strength, can damage the arm and basically is a start for a xyz skew of the turret.

Someone added print mill to mini, which moves to left away from turret. Was excited today and read about the parts needed. Let's say, that only PLA is good due to temperature and even for that you need glue on it. I would say, that currently there is no "simple" way for it without some exclusions.


I am looking for a way to lift the plate (or pull by lifting , by pushing something between the plate and bed ) with the model and push another one there.

Posted : 25/04/2022 8:49 am
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Topic starter answered:

Any links to “print mill”?  I’ll search for it Thank you.  

Correct, this wouldn’t work for every print, only those that can cool down and pop off with ease, which my PLA is doing.  Would also have to block the starting purge line as you’re doing multiple prints.  I’ve added a Mosquito hot end which move the tool head forward just enough to cause that first line to be off the front of the bed.  I just moved the bed forward to compensate but could even be lazy there and let it fall through the front of the bed for automated printing.  I’d prolly just adjust the code instead to block it.

Good luck with your technique, sounds interesting.


Posted : 25/04/2022 2:31 pm