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Printer status when pause not correct via API  

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Printer status when pause not correct via API

Hello all, I was just trying to include my 3d printers alongside HomeAssistant and receive a notification to do the filament change when I realised the status retrieved does not correspond to the real one when it is paused. Pause is still false

By looking at the json info at http://[MY_URL]/api/printer, while printing on the left and paused on the right, this is what I receive:
Prusa Mini State

I would obviously expect in line 13 to change from false to true when paused, however the only noticeable difference was the change in material and in the z-height (which makes sense). I think this is a firmware issue/bug that could be solved easily.

Anyone has any other idea of what could be happening or any workaround?

Posted : 16/05/2023 11:29 am
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RE: Printer status when pause not correct via API

Sounds like something that you should report as a bug on their github page.


Posted : 22/05/2023 1:01 pm