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Preheat - feature  

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Preheat - feature

Hello Prusa team,

I use the preheat feature of my Prusa Mini (almost) always before i start printing... 

From my point of view the procedure should be a little bit different.

Current state:

1. The controller will preheat the nozzle until 215°C (in case one is using PLA). 

2. After you start the print, it will wait until the temp goes down to 170°C for the bed leveling procedure...

-> Maybe it will be better to set the preheat temp for the nozzle around 170°C, so the controller don't have to wait to cool down down again.

Does my suggestion make sense to you? I would be happy to hear your opinion. Thx.

Nevertheless the idea of the "preheat" is to have the printer prepared for printing...


Posted : 14/04/2020 2:06 pm
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