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M226 & Buddy Board Pin Numbers  

M226 & Buddy Board Pin Numbers

Good day!

I have a farm of PrusaMinis that I run hooked up to Repetier Server over USB. I want a feature that blocks the printer off until the print has been removed from the bed. This can be done easily by the pausing the print after it finishes. It would also be very convenient for the user to press one of the existing printer buttons to confirm removal.

I have tried M601 and M602 commands, but they do not seem to be working on the Minis yet, and, sure enough, they didn't work in my case, too. M226 however seems to have been implemented, and it successfully pauses the print for me, but I need to know the correct pin number to pass to it. I was thinking of using the encoder press pin on the Buddy PCB (LCD_SW1) for this. However, I couldn't find the pin mapping for this board anywhere, neither could I find an example of using M226.

Does anyone know where to find the firmware pin numbers for the Buddy board? Alternatively, are there any better options for doing this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Posted : 17/05/2023 4:33 pm