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G54 command not available?  

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G54 command not available?


i have a PrusaMini via Octoprint. When pausing with M601 no message appears at the display - but i can unpause the print with the OctoPrint UI. Does someone know a better solution?

And the main question:
While inserting my screws in the printpause i accidetially moved the bed a bit... Happend 2 times out of 2 at almost the end of a 24hr print.... so i thought to add a pause routine with homing. I store the current position in a work offset (g54-59), them move to 180/180/180 and pause.
When the mounting is finished i would home axis X&Y and then recall g54, move to 0/0/0 and set g53 to continue printing...

So far so good, except prusa doesn't know g54-59 while. Marlin knows it. Is there any chance to get it?



Posted : 29/11/2021 7:46 pm
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RE: G54 command not available?

Not sure I understand your problem but Octoprint has the option to perform custom GCode *after job is paused" and "after job is resmed".

Eg. after job paused default script

{% if pause_position.x is not none %}
G91               ; relative XYZ
M83               ; relative E
G1 Z+50 E-5 F4500 ; retract filament, move Z slightly up
M82               ; absolute E
G90               ; absolute XYZ
G1 X0 Y0          ; move to a safe rest position
{% endif %}

Take a look in Octoprint docs for a whole lot more.

Posted : 30/11/2021 10:06 am
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RE: G54 command not available?

Yes that is the standard method to do a pause and put e.g. nuts and magnets in the print.
The problem is these are 'static' commands, so you can only move in relative coordinates.

G91 ; relative XYZ
G1 Z+50 E-5 F4500 (+50mm Z from current position)
First you move away from tool position where the pause command was triggered. You have to be careful to not leave the printing volume, you should check the relative move if you know pause is close to absolute boundaries fo your printer! Instead of E- a retract command G10 would be a bit more elegant, i think.

After Pause you have to do the reverse:
G1 Z-50 E+5 F4500
G90 ; absolute Coordinates

Otherwise you cant go back to the point the print has to start again.
The problem is if you accidentally move e.g. the printing bed while inserting your nuts. The printer doesn't know that you moved the bed. So it will yust go back -50Z....

I hoped i could solve this with a homing routine after the pause to check if a axis has moved. But without storing the position at pause start (with g54-59) i dont know how to acieve this... So the question is is there a way to 'activate' G54-59 in Prusa Firmware or do i have to update to Marlin? Or has anyone another idea?

Grüße Patrick

Posted : 30/11/2021 10:32 am