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Loading filament problem  

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Loading filament problem

I am sure this has come up before but I'm not finding any answers. 

Does anybody else have continuous problems loading filament on the Mini? 

I basically have to take apart the extruder and manually load the filament each time. 

I've tried loosening and tightening the idler screw but it doesn't help. I clean the gears every time but I still have problems when I try to load a new spool. 

Is there something simple I am missing here? 


Posted : 04/02/2022 10:26 am
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RE: Loading filament problem

have continuous problems loading filament

What does that mean specifically? It's not loading into the extruder? Not moving filament to the hotend? Loading but nothing comes out of the hotend? Any clicking? Stock Mini, or any mods? Self-assembled or pre-assembled?

It's a mechanical device so there are not many possible sources of error. The idler screw could be too tight or too loose. Blockage in the extruder, the Bowden tube, the small PTFE tube in the hotend, or a clogged nozzle. As you have checked all that apparently, there's not much left and I expect the grub screw on the motor shaft in the extruder is either incorrectly installed or not tight enough and slipping. 


Posted : 04/02/2022 12:21 pm