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Horrible whirring noise on Prusa Mini  

Horrible whirring noise on Prusa Mini


I’ve been using my Mini for around two years now without any problems. I’ve noticed recently that my printer starts to make a buzzing, whirring noise when printing. The sound comes out from the hotend area (fans?). Some gcodes buzz, some do not, though I am not sure if files are at fault, printer buzzes with both older and newer versions of Prusaslicer files. Whenever it starts whirring, I pause the print and resume it, then the noise disappears for the rest of the print (my prints are relatively short, up to 3 hours). I tried cleaning and lubricating the axis rods, but it did not help. Any ideas how I can end this weird whirring sound?

Posted : 23/04/2023 1:28 pm
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RE: Horrible whirring noise on Prusa Mini

Fans often go noisy. many times, if a fan starts noisy, if you touch the hub, briefly, it will then restart running quietly. 

If your fans are like this, you could try taking th label off the back of the hub, and put a drop of light machine oil, in the hole behind the label, and then replace the label. 
this should quieten the fan long enough to order a replacement. 

regards Joan

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Posted : 23/04/2023 4:04 pm
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RE: Horrible whirring noise on Prusa Mini

Sounds like a problem with the bearing. A usualk problem with old fans. And sometimes new ones.

Lubricating them can solve the issue sometimes. Otherwise you will have to exchange it for a new one.

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Posted : 02/05/2023 7:17 pm