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Had first clog today - fails z-axis selftest  

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Had first clog today - fails z-axis selftest

Printing ABS and had a fail. Extruder grinded away like a champ tho (Bondtech upgrade).

Cleared out the clog (it was in the nozzle of all places).


After all reassembly, recalibration and setting up the profile for texture-sheet1 i'm using i noticed the Selftest-option in the menu...

And after having taking things apart and put back i figured i would go for it.


All checks pass, except for the Z-axis. It goes up to +185 then back down and stops at +4 coming back down.


The printer works like it should anyways.

I just wonder if anyone else have managed to fail the selftest after printermaintenence?

I did try and adjust the trapezoid nut but no improvement.

Prusa Mini+ kit (4.3.4). BondTech extruder.
Prusa MK3S+ kit.

Posted : 31/12/2021 12:36 pm