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First layer callibration issues  

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First layer callibration issues



I have two issues with my first layer calibration layer. note that I use a 0.8 nozzle but I have the same issue with the 0.6 one.

-First the line is not continuous see picture. It seems that the filament is not going out quickly enought. I tried different layer height and always the same result.

-Second issue is that the motors are doing a weird noise when moving back to there position a sort of Cogging sound. But that only happen when going back to the position 0, it doesn't happen when it's printing.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?



Posted : 28/01/2024 8:08 pm
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RE: First layer callibration issues

Which firmware are you using?

With the 5.1.2 firmware you can open Settings and set which nozzle size you use. First Layer Calibration is calibrated for a 0.4 nozzle. This might have achanged with the option of setting nozzle size in the Settings menu.

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Posted : 30/01/2024 8:49 am
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RE: First layer callibration issues

Hi Tysonsw,

Thanks that's probably the solution, I didn't know you could set the nozzle size for calibration, will try this week end.


Posted : 31/01/2024 1:06 am