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Clogging and extruder motor issues.  

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Clogging and extruder motor issues.

A few nights ago I fell asleep while the printer was printing and i woke up to a mess, the print had completed halfway and then stopped and created a stringy mess. I tried using it afterwards and the printer wasn't extruding filament so I believed their was a clog.  Could not load, unload, or purge filament either so I decided to take the filament out. I tugged the filament with some pliers to some resistance, but it came clean out and now when trying to reload the printer I am faced with this sound (see attached video) and it will not pull or go any further in past the extruder/extruder motor.  The reason I write this post is for help on what to do here, I bought this printer with very little knowledge in the subject and decided to look for help from someone who does.  I am very afraid of taking the thing apart or trying to fix it myself in fears that I will break it even more. Is there an easy fix this? What should my next steps be because I dont know what else to do.  

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Posted : 17/06/2020 8:12 pm
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RE: Clogging and extruder motor issues.

I assume you are using PLA!

Raise your extruder to say 60mm to give a space below your nozzle,

Try Pre heating the nozzle for ABS, 

let the printer sit at temperature for about 5 Minutes, then try loading a fresh piece of filament (not a piece that has been chewed up by the bondtech gears.
as soon as the filament stops moving, grab the filament close to the top of the extruder, and push down, firmly. with luck this will get your filament flowing again. 

if it does, immediately set preheat to the correct  temperature and then unload, and reload your filament a couple of times, to ensure that the feed path remains clear as the extruder cools. 


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Posted : 18/06/2020 2:11 am
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RE: Clogging and extruder motor issues.


When trying to load filament into printer, the filament is blocked at the extruder, the filament doesn't even make it to the PTFE tube when Loading it. 

Posted : 18/06/2020 4:13 am