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Can’t get filament out  

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Can’t get filament out

Hi all! Thanks in advance for your help.

I tried unloading my filament from my Prusa Mini, and it unloaded from the top portion of the tube (see photos), but did not unload from the last portion of the tube, and is super stuck. I tried unloading, reloading, purging, everything I could on the printer - no luck. I tried using pliers to pull on the bit of filament sticking out, no luck at all, it just snapped the filament. I researched but couldn’t find anyone with the exact issue I have, where it’s only in the bottom portion of the tube. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated, thanks so much!

Posted : 21/07/2022 3:20 pm
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Try unload filament and when unloading try remove the filament with no a big force. Or try loose the tension screw and then grab the filament and try to pull. There will be a blob at the end of the filament so that is stuck in the metal gears.

If that's not help. You will need dissassemble the extruder and clean it. 

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Posted : 21/07/2022 7:45 pm
RISPONDI: Can’t get filament out

Hi, happened the same to me few minutes ago.


Look here  

I'm not an expert. Ma parlo anche italiano 😉

Posted : 28/07/2022 11:43 pm