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Bed leveling failing after bad print  

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Bed leveling failing after bad print

Hello there everyone,

so a few days ago I had a print go bad. One of the parts came of the bed and melted to the hotend. Causing a large blob of molten petg. No issue, some cleaning and it looked great again.



When I started a new print it starts with the bed leveling proces.. When it comes to the far side of the bed, point three, it says "bed leveling failed"


But when I start the bed  leveling procedure from the calibration menu it doesnt give an error at all... Also the proces of the leveling itself looks fine, only when it comes to point three, the head doesn't go down all the way, it stops way before touching the bed and gives the error. I'm confused.

Does someone have an idea?

TIA, cheers, Alex

Posted : 24/09/2022 1:30 pm
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RE: Bed leveling failing after bad print

First action - i would check the printer geometry:



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Posted : 24/09/2022 4:53 pm
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Check if you do not have any dirt between the steel sheet and heatbed, sometimes a little bit of the filament can cause large problems

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Posted : 10/10/2022 2:54 pm