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Bed level fails without error  

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Bed level fails without error


mid print there was bang hearable and the print head printed on in a different position. Since then I the bed leveling fails without error as seen in the video. The printer just loses its positional orientation but gets no error reported. It happened even in different positions during bed level.

Since it happened, I checked the following:

  • obstructions on bed carriage, none there
  • checked both (X and Y belt tensions), completley ok
  • checked obscturctions on X carriage, none there (with motors switched off, print head moves without problems)
  • checking motors:
    • disassembled X-carriage and check if motor detached from axis moves freely -> it does, motor off smooth turnable, motor on moving via knob,  no problems, all smooth
    • even cleaned and greased linear bearings (runs even smoother now on X-Axis)
  • Same checks for Y motor (runs freely. no stutter)

I have no Idea anymore what could cause this, except for firmware or board. Please help me, as I loose my mind on finding what the error is.

Firmware: 4.4.1+4194

Bootloader: 2.0.2

Buddy Board: 1.0.7



Posted : 01/05/2023 10:53 am
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RE: Bed level fails without error

Have you checked so that all connections are connected correctly and fully in on the buddy board?

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Posted : 17/05/2023 1:58 pm
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RE: Bed level fails without error

Hi Babadook, you should check to make sure the cable bundle attached to the Heat Bed is not getting tangled up. That happened on my mini, and midway through whatever print it would stop, no error.  

Posted : 31/05/2023 4:31 pm