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2 month old Mini+ losing precision on the x axis  

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2 month old Mini+ losing precision on the x axis

I've printed several models over the last two months and been very impressed with the output. In the last week I've had one model start showing imprecise x axis layers.  I do not see problems with the belt teeth or tension of the belt.  is there anything else I should be looking at?  Layers in the Y and Z axis' still look good.  I have not re-sliced the mode or changed the gcode since my first print of it.

This is the model that is starting to show x axis problems -

sliced in Prusa slicer, prusament pla, configured for the Mini+. 

I have two copies that are perfect and now two that have the x axis layer offset (left and right, not just to one side) about .25" up from the start of the print and then the rest of the models is perfect.

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Posted : 15/07/2022 6:08 pm