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superslicer turning off Extruder motor  

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superslicer turning off Extruder motor

Hello all, I just signed up for this forum. I have a Tevo Tornado printer. I just got a few weeks ago a Creality Ender 3 Max printer. I first had the Blue screen issue and the non extrusion issue. I upgrader the Ender printer with the Creality 4.2.7 Board and Micro Swiss hotend and a Zesty Nimble Extruder. I am trying different Slicers. I have Simplify3D, Cura 4.12.0, and Superslicer. I have a Question about Superslicer? Superslicer keeps shutting off my Extruder motor on my Ender 3 Max only after a few minutes printing part of the first layer. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening. I tried Simplify3D and that works, I was able to get a complete print using Cura. so a hardware issue is not likely the issue. So, You may ask why don't I just use Cura if it works over Superslicer? The answer is that A can't get Cura to print a solid Bottom layer to my part. If I could get Cura to print a bottom solid layer then I would probably just use CURA. What ever works. I love the Ironing and Zit controls in CURA and Superslicer over Simplify3D and CURA so far is the only slicer to fully print my part without my part coming loose off myBed. I am able to get a solid first layer When I tried Superslicer for the very first time before Superslicer shut off the Extruder motor. All other motors keep printing. I tried a few more times and every time Superslicer will only print a part of the first layered then shuts off the Extruder motor. Thank you for any thoughts.

Posted : 30/11/2021 6:38 pm