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Gcode and extruder going crazy  

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Gcode and extruder going crazy

Hello guys. First thanks for replaying to my post and your help.

I have been lately learning GCODE and I am doing a simple exercise to test what I have learned and what I want to do. But I am stuck and I dont know what its going on, I have a problem so thats why I ask for your advice.

I am attaching pictures and my GCODE. the problem its that has soon has the extruder starts extruding it goes really fast and keeps going like that so the filament cant go through the nozzle. What am I doing wrong? Please check my GCODE. I did copy the start gcode and end gcode from a prusaslicer file and then in the middle I added mine. 

Here a visual. The red its prusa start and end gcode and in the middle my gcode.


Finally here you can see what I am trying to print. this is a simple geometry and the red lines are the movements of the extruder going around the shape.

Posted : 27/08/2021 3:43 pm
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With FFF printing, Z remains fixed at each layer.

Your gcode and last picture aren't feasible with the current consumer-grade FFF printers. You are describing moves with varying Z levels within a single layer. Current printers (and slicers I'm familiar with) work by moving the Z level (nozzle) up in increments, then extruding along XY to build up a layer-by-layer approximation of the sliced part. You can raise Z but you can't lower it without creating collisions with the previously printed layers. Your red lines in your last picture would be printed as "slices" approximating those lines, but the nozzle won't move around in one continuous move as your picture shows.

I'd also be concerned about those moves made with Z=0 as that can damage the bed, particularly on non-Prusa printers.

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Posted : 27/08/2021 4:28 pm
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Topic starter answered:
Thaks for answering

Thanks so much for your replay. The movements are not a problem. I have tested and it works the way I instruct them. The problem its the extrusion motor that goes extruding too much.

Posted : 27/08/2021 6:42 pm