My Prusa Mini build video (livestreamed) and some initial thoughts
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My Prusa Mini build video (livestreamed) and some initial thoughts  

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My Prusa Mini build video (livestreamed) and some initial thoughts

My Prusa mini arrived and I put a video together.

You can see me fumble through the build while live streaming. It was quite easy but I ran into a few minor snags.

  • Maybe a future improvement would be putting in some drop in t-nuts or hammer nuts, instead of putting them in the extrusion. I had some challenges getting the screw to line up, which I think was partly due to the table I was building on (which was kind of padded).
  • Include a hex nut in the spare parts bag. I lost mine while building, but luckily I had some spares m3 kit.
  • The holes on the spool holder for the hex nuts are a little inconsistent. On one side the hole is tight, and I had to push in the hex nut with an allen key. The other side was loose, and I had to hold the hex nut in place with tweezers.

After printing a few times with it, I am really liking the interface / UI. I have noticed sometimes when I start up the printer and do an auto home, it really grinds on the x axis for some reason (for a good 3 seconds).  I also notice when it is doing the 16 point probing, the LCD screen flickers back and forth from printing to leveling. I don't think that's an issue but it seems a little odd.

As usual, I am amazed by the out of box quality of the Prusa mini. I didn't do any tweaking to the printer, and I got a really good result on the first print. I think it's on par quality wise with the mk3. Great work, Prusa!!!


Posted : 16/12/2019 2:34 pm
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