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Mini+ Problems... Help Needed  

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Mini+ Problems... Help Needed

My name is Garrett Jones, I received my Mini+ on January 7th.  I am having issues with getting it to extrude plastic after less than 30 hours of printing. I thought it was clogged so began by cleaning the entire hot end. It has a clicking noise and plastic is not getting pushed, so then I cleaned the entire extruder-pulley where some filament dust had piled up from the grinding. This did not fix the problem. I played with the extruder idle screw and made multiple cold pulls, along with numerous other things. Nothing is fixing this problem, and I need to get this fixed. Could there possibly be something not working properly? It printed one print perfect and the next print had this problem from the start. Has anyone else had this problem? This is my first printer, so I possibly overlooked something, however, I have done my research and read through all the different cleaning procedures. Not sure what else to do...

Posted : 10/02/2021 9:47 pm
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RE: Mini+ Problems... Help Needed

Contact Prusa Support via Email or the Popup chatbox in the store page. 

Posted : 11/02/2021 4:40 pm
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RE: Mini+ Problems... Help Needed


You're not alone in this:

Got a support email in with Prusa support.

Posted : 18/02/2021 2:06 pm