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Clicking Noises on Some Movements and Not Others  

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Clicking Noises on Some Movements and Not Others

So it's my first month with the Prusa Mini with about 200 hours of print time in. The machine began very silent but has since begun making clicking sounds across all of my filaments.

Pictured below, I have included images of some cubes related to another recent issue as well but are not sure if they are connected, they just happen to have coincided perhaps. I have been getting small pockets across my PLA prints ("voids?") so I thought this was under extrusion. The right-most golden cube looks best and all I changed was the retraction distance from 3.2 > 2.0 following some other advice on the forums.

Other things I have done so far:

  • I have disassembled the extruder but upon inspection, the filament was not even grinding on it.
  • I did a cold pull on the nozzle and it seems to come out very clean.
  • Calibrated E-steps to ensure flow rate is consistent and accurate

Anyone have some advice or have run into this issue as well? I just want to return my Prusa to the state that I got it in! Printing perfect surfaces, silently...

Much appreciation in advance.




Posted : 28/05/2022 10:27 pm
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RE: Clicking Noises on Some Movements and Not Others

UPDATE 1: I had spoken to Prusa Support and work through with them on various possible fixes. Dismantling the drive extruder and squeezing the two gears together prior to fastening them back together has proven to notably reduce the frequency of audible clicks. However, it was by chance that the two issues I had of oozing/stringing + the "voids" in the perimeter of the print  came up too.

Where I am at right now... further testing is required to remove the weird voids. Will update as I learn more. 

For reference, the filament I use are all PLA and from the following brands: E-Sun (Matte), E-SUN (PLA+),  ECONOFILL (Standard PLA).

Posted : 29/05/2022 12:47 am