Questions about Filament and Extruder Settings Calibration
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Questions about Filament and Extruder Settings Calibration  

Questions about Filament and Extruder Settings Calibration

I've been following along the guide here as I've been struggling with stringing and never was able to completely solve it.
Currently, I'm getting wisps that I can rub off but I'm trying to eliminate stringing 100%
I'm having two spots where I'm confused and was hoping to get some clarification.
One is understanding calibrating the extrusion multiplier. I'm using this to calibrate.

I'm using the 0.25mm-nozzle-0.50mm-walls file as I have a 0.25 mm nozzle.

I've measured my filament's diameter to 1.71mm (inland pla+ gray) and 3d printed the cube, I was getting about 0.48mm wall thickness so I increased my extrusion multiplier in prusaslicer to 1.04 (0.50 target divided by 0.48 actual)

Is this correct? In Prusa Slicer, it has the Extrusion Width set to 0.25 mm
However, there's a specific notes portion saying

PrusaSlicer does not produce walls that are exactly the number of perimeters times extrusion width thick. Slight variations are made for external walls, and for overlap between walls. I’m working on detailed notes for PrusaSlicer with more detail. For now, use PrusaSlicer with 2 perimeters, 0.45mm perimeter extrusion widths, and a 0.2mm layer height. The resulting walls should be 0.868mm thick.

This leads me to think maybe I shouldn't be increasing the extrusion multiplier and it's actually supposed to print out at 0.48mm, thus the extrusion multiplier should be 1 as the target is actually meeting the actual, and this entire time my tests have been pointless as my extrusion multiplier being at 1.04 would cause the wisps

The second question is involving virtual extruder profiles on the mk4
When setting up 9 virtual extruders to test different retraction settings on the same print, after selecting the gcode on the printer, it reboots, flashes the red LED, and gives the error



After testing, it seems when I have more than 6 extruders set, it spits out this error when I select the gcode file on the printer. Is this to be expected?
As I'm typing this, I'm actually getting a crash dump for once and a blue screen when I set 7 extruders, which is different from the other red screen error. I take it there's an official support line I should send it to?


My printer is the Prusa MK4, I have no updated it to the 5.0.0 firmware and the current firmware is 4.7.2

My current best settings (at 1.71mm diameter and 1.04mm extrusion for filament)


Lastly, here are some pictures of the wisps. This is how they look after I rub a finger across the 3d print where the wisps are.

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