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[Solved] Nylon versus supports  

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Nylon versus supports

To be brief, supports are very difficult to remove when printing in Nylon. This is a pure Nylon, not the more common filled Nylon with carbon or glass. I use Creality filament.

I am already using  Top contact Z distance = 0.2, and  Top interface layers = 2  in the PrusaSlicer.

Note that because Nylon is very strong, I am able to use electrician's pliers to grab whatever sticks and rip supports away without damaging the print. However, this does not work inside small cavities, and I still have the interface layers attached.

How do you deal with it?

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Posted : 16/12/2023 7:45 pm
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RE: Nylon versus supports

We found that NylonX can be printed. It is unfortunately filled with CF, so there's no solution for a pure PA6. But it works for us.

Posted : 13/06/2024 10:40 pm