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Need suggestions for printing ASA  

Need suggestions for printing ASA

I need some help getting ASA to print correctly. I have tried printing this using smooth PEI, textured PEI (not power coated) and with different bed temperatures and print head temperatures. Each time I have washed the build plate with soap and water very well and followed by wiping down with 99% isopropyl alcohol. 

I am using fresh Polymer ASA that was dried out of the bag for 4 hours.  

I have "keep fan always" turned off.

Printing in an enclosure.

First layers go on super smooth and flat.


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Posted : 21/02/2024 1:53 pm
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My experience with Fiberlogy ASA on the satin plate was that a (generous) brim reduces the problem. 

I also suspect that conditions outside the enclosure may have an influence. My 'enclosure' is hacked in a compartment in a 50 cm IKEA Ivar rack so 80 cm wide, wood Ivar shelves top and bottom, back and sides closed with thin plywood, and glazed doors grafted on. Detachment invariably started on the right hand front side, so the one most exposed. (Printer is on the left side of the space.) Taping the 2-3  mm 'ventilation' gaps around the doors had some effect. The rack is the attic, not heated, room temperature was about 15 deg. C.  Heat loss by radiation through the glass could be an issue.  I have not tried draping a blanket before the glass.

I also have not tried to avoid draft induced by the extruder fan.

The Power unit is still on the printer BTW. In normal use temperature goes up to 25-30 deg.C. 

Next step could be adding a draft shield/radiation blocker.

Posted : 23/02/2024 9:58 am
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RE: Need suggestions for printing ASA

I finally got it to print without lifting but I am still having issues with horizontal surfaces. Some of the print will be fine and then other areas look terrible.

Any ideas? I've verified that there is no debris under the build sheet or bottom side of the build sheet causing a height difference. 

Posted : 23/02/2024 4:45 pm
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RE: Need suggestions for printing ASA

I'm by no means an expert, never printed ASA, but I have a thought. Are you letting the ambient temperature in the enclosure reach a stable temperature before you print? I.e. by turning on the bed and letting it heat up the enclosure until it maxes out and reaches a stable temperature. 

Posted : 23/02/2024 9:49 pm
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If you have curl-up, don't be afraid to use an adhesion booster such as Layerneer.

Also, be sure that you let the print cool to room temperature before you pop it off of the build plate.

A thicker base to the print may also help here.

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Posted : 24/02/2024 12:55 am