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Blocking supports on the build plate  

Blocking supports on the build plate

I am trying to print two identical objects that need support. I am trying to keep both print time and support material as low as possible. When printing one object I am able to get the organic supports to begin from the build plate in one tree but whenever I attempt to print both objects at once using the (add Part) option so as to share support material I am unable to get it to print beginning from a single tree on the build plate. This causes some wasted time and material I would like to avoid.

The first image is the support for one and its support tree begins from one trunk on the build plate.

The second is my attempt to get it to print both with only one trunk beginning on the build plate.

My question is how do I block support structures from beginning at specified places on the build plate so as to force the automatic supports to begin from one tree on the plate? I have tried manipulating the placement of the objects to no avail. Is there a way to block those supports on the plate or am I doing this all entirely wrong in the first place.

Posted : 24/05/2024 8:34 pm
Illustrious Member

You may do better to avoid PrusaSlicer's supports and generate your own tailored support in CAD; automatic generation is only intended as a fall-back.

Simplest might be a surrounding box with a single layer supporting bridge.


Posted : 25/05/2024 8:20 am