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PETG on edge " print test area " removal  

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PETG on edge " print test area " removal

Any tips on getting the PETG off the print sheets on the edge where it does a test before printing ( The small strip that's on the front left area of the sheet )? I think getting concrete off would be easier 😀 . PLA is easy but PETG is a bear. Thanks!!!

Posted : 19/04/2024 4:00 am
JP Guitars
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RE: PETG on edge " print test area " removal

Are you using the right sheet, prepared in the right way? i.e. either a textured or statin sheet or the smooth sheet with glue. If you are it should not be a problem, I just pull it off with a fingernail.

Posted : 19/04/2024 7:39 am
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If you are using the satin or textured sheet you shouldn't have any problem in removing it.

If you are using the smooth one:

- wipe the sheet with window cleaner before printing

- if you just want to fix the purge line, slide a finger on your hairs or your head skin a few times and then just go over the spot where the purge line goes. You should see a very thin film left behind - this is enough to prevent complete adherence

- if you want to make the purge line position move around to avoid creating a track on the sheet, search for a previous post of mine where I shared a few lines of codes that can be put in the custom section to do just that. I did post this on GitHub as well under the setting repo but Prusa has not sofar shown interest in adopting this.

Posted : 19/04/2024 8:44 am
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RE: PETG on edge " print test area " removal

Thanks for the replies

Posted : 19/04/2024 12:51 pm