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Not exactly OctoPrint, but it helps :-).  

Tom Horsley
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Not exactly OctoPrint, but it helps :-).

I have a local web server on my lan for random stuff, and I just added this tiny web page:

   <frameset rows="600,*">
      <frame src="">
      <frame src="">

The address points to the MK4 PrusaLink, and the points to an old android phone running OctoCam on a tripod pointed at the MK4 :-). With the frames, I get PrusaLink displayed along with the webcam on one web page.

One weirdness: google chrome does offer to save my login credentials for PrusaLink, but only after I navigate away from the PrusaLink page after initial login. Anyway, they are saved now and all I have to do is click the Sign On button.

Posted : 02/10/2023 5:07 pm
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