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Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud  

Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud

Hi guys,

just switched from a MK3 to a MK4 (new kit, sold the old one). Assembled it on the weekend and did my first few testprints the last days.
All in all a very decent printer, I LOVE the new autolevel and nozzle change process.

But the extruder fan is so much louder compared to the Mk3. Sounds like my cheapo solder fume extractor. Why that?
I get it, the Delta fan has more air throughput than the Noctua, but is this really neccessary? I'd rather get a silent replacement for this turbine 😉 Any of you got specs of how much air movement is needed for the nextruder? Or is there another clever solution against the noise?

FYI I already got it in a kind of case (compartment in my office shelf with a door). But its still quite noticeable and a bit annoying while working on other stuff - yeah, got only one office.


Posted : 18/07/2023 7:30 pm
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RE: Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud

Hello @maxasrena. I have been running the MK4 for more than 2 month and my fans are quiet as a mouse. Better get in touch with support and ask for a replacement fan. This is not as it should be.

Posted : 18/07/2023 9:16 pm
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RE: Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud

The extruder fan will change its RPM based on the heatbreak temperature. There's a thermistor in the heatsink for that. We've had a very hot week recently and my extruder fan was going at 100% all the time, very loud but regular fan whoosh. Today it's been relatively cool and the fan was going way slower. I've checked the heatbreak temp in the sensor menu and there's been around 7C of difference between the hot week and today. So maybe your ambient is just high or you're printing at higher temps. As long as it sounds like a regular fan going fast, ofc, so a steady shhhhh. If there are any rattles and the like then something is wrong with the fan.

Posted : 20/07/2023 4:12 pm
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RE: Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud

No rattle, just genuine loud fan noice. Its not hot here this days, around 20-22°C in my room (enclosure is constantly open at the moment, so same there).

Printing PLA and PETG on stock settings, so nothing exeptional. Basically the same settings and kind of prints I used with the MK3 before.

I will measure the noice level with a dB-Meter I am going to borrow soon. We will see then.

Posted : 20/07/2023 4:17 pm
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RE: Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud
Do you have a Video of we can hear it. I think the loudness of your Fan is  normal. 
Posted : 21/07/2023 11:18 am
RE: Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud

Mine is also a lot louder than the MK3S i have. But it is not the Nextruder Fan it is the Print Fan running at 100% that is quite audible.

Posted : 22/07/2023 11:40 am
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RE: Mk4 Nextruder Fan very loud

Mine is also loud. All movements and extruder is very quiet, but the fans is loud. I dont think its the nextruder-fan, since my is starting to get loud after a couple of layers.


Is there any way to test the fans at different speeds without printing? Also, what temp should be consider as "normal" for the heatbreak?

Posted : 24/07/2023 11:20 am